Teletherapy Counseling


Don’t let geography be a barrier to quality behavioral healthcare. Teletherapy is the convenient, cost-effective solution for people who are unable to come to the office each time and who are seeking out emotional help and guidance. Virtual two-way conferencing technology helps our practitioners provide services to people who have difficulty traveling, are located far from our office, or restricted by their location, budget, and/or other factors.  Patients are able to receive personalized face time without the drive time. Teletherapy counseling is a great solution to these external problems.

At our practice we provide teletherapy through a confidential, HIPAA compliant secure software solution.  Teletherapy has experienced an ongoing growth in popularity over recent years.

While more and more insurance companies are recognizing online therapy and covering the cost, it is still best to ask your insurance company if this is covered under your benefit plan.

We are excited about having this option for our patients. We think it will revolutionize the way people access services and is a “win-win” for both the counselor and the patient. At our office we see Teletherapy as particularly beneficial to those who would struggle to attend traditional counseling appointments due to obstacles like limited transportation, poor mobility, illness, budget, or distance.

It can provide a much-needed treatment resource to those who require access to mental health solutions, and for some, it can make all the difference on the path towards a healthier state of living.

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Please note that they are limitations to who can recieve teletherapy due to state law, regulation and insurance as well as board licensure.