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Individual Treatment

Individual Treatment

People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma, to dealing with depression or anxiety, to simply desiring personal growth and greater self-knowledge. There are many emotional issues that find a corner in our heart, and refuse to die down. With time, these issues can transform into a sort of emotional swelling that impacts negatively on our daily life, such as lack of concentration, enthusiasm, self respect, will to change, encouragement, and so on.

These issues can spiral into our lives in various ways and gets channeled into other zones, which can create problems in the relationships, professional life, and health. Therapy can help people confront barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being, and it can also increase positive feelings such as compassion, self-esteem, love, courage, and peace.

Individual therapy is a collaborative process between therapist and the individual that aims to facilitate change and improve quality of life, in a safe, caring, and confidential environment—to explore their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others.

Together the person and therapist works to address issues of concern and develop a care plan to fit the person’s unique needs and personal goals for therapy in order to work toward desired change in the individuals life.

Whether it is the issue of due to divorce, failure or loss of a loved one, or even heavier emotional upheavals in your life, our professionals can help you through the therapeutic journey of becoming more self-aware and change the quality of life by defining the path of life clearly, and bringing in more clarity. Start by calling our office.